Lemonade Day Kicks off in Northeast Ohio

Rain or shine, Lemonade Day stands abound this month in Northeast Ohio.  Lemonade Day, which spans the spring and summer months, is a national youth entrepreneurship program that was brought to the region in 2011 by Burton D. Morgan Foundation and University School’s Young Entrepreneur Institute. 

Founded in Houston by Prepared4Life in 2007, Lemonade Day is an annual community-wide event dedicated to teaching children how to start, own and operate a business by operating lemonade stands.  Through this program, youth learn many essential skills around concepts such as pricing, location, product selection, marketing, and customer service. Lemonade Day is expected to engage approximately 3,200 youth in Northeast Ohio this summer.

If you are interested in learning more about Lemonade Day or becoming a community partner or sponsor, contact Jessie Jones at 216-831-2200, ext. 7456 or

Update:  Seton Catholic School students will be manning Lemonade Day stands on May 6 and May 7 throughout Hudson.  See below for schedule.

East Woods Elementary Lemonade Day Stands

Seton Catholic Lemonade Day Stands

Richardson Elementary Lemonade Day Stands