Eligibility Requirements

Grants are made to organizations classified as public charities and tax exempt under 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code.  For-profit companies and startups are not eligible to apply for funding directly from the Foundation.  Burton D. Morgan Foundation does not make grants to individuals.  The Foundation’s primary geographic focus for mission-related grant funding is Northeast Ohio.  Projects with a national impact are occasionally considered.  Read more about Morgan Foundation's funding priorities and values to determine whether your organization should apply for a grant.  New applicants should contact the Foundation prior to submitting an application.  Contact Gina Dotson, Grants & Communications Manager at gdotson@bdmorganfdn.org or 330-655-1369.

Response to New Grantees

With Morgan Foundation’s focus on supporting our current grantees through this unsettling time, we are unlikely to consider funding for new grantees through the remainder of 2020.   If you are not a current or recent grantee, please review grant guidelines on our website and request guidance from the Grants & Communications Manager at gdotson@bdmorganfdn.org before completing a grant application.  We wish everyone well as we work to support our communities through this time of crisis. 

How to Apply

Grant Requests Greater than $20,000

Applications can be submitted at any time throughout the year, but are subject to Application Deadlines that will determine which board meeting they are brought to for review and decision. If you are submitting an Application for more than $20,000, you should first contact Grants & Communications Manager, Gina Dotson, by phone (330-655-1369) or email (gdotson@bdmorganfdn.org) if you have not received funding from Burton D. Morgan Foundation in the past three years or if you are applying for a different project.  You may then be routed to a program officer for additional discussion about the project, if necessary. 

If you have received grant funding from Burton D. Morgan Foundation in the past three years for the same purpose or if you have been encouraged to apply after contacting the Foundation, you may submit an Application though the online eGrant system (click on link at the bottom of the page.)

Grant Requests $20,000 or Less

Applications for grants of $20,000 or less may be submitted at any time and are NOT subject to deadlines.  They will be  evaluated on a rolling basis, which will typically take four to six weeks.  If you have not received funding from Burton D. Morgan Foundation in the past three years or if you are applying for a different project, please contact the Foundation before submitting your application.  Contact Gina Dotson, Grants & Communications Manager at 330-655-1369 or gdotson@bdmorganfdn.org.  To apply for a grant, submit an Application through the online eGrant system (click on link at the bottom of the page, underneath Important Links heading.)

Racial and Diversity Awareness Grants*

Morgan Foundation will provide grants of up to $2,000 to at least twenty-five area nonprofit organizations for diversity, equity, and inclusion training for board and staff members. Training can serve as a team’s introduction to racial equity awareness or build upon lessons learned from previous racial equity training. Current grantees will be prioritized for funding and funds will be available on a first come-first served basis.  To apply for a grant for this purpose, submit a grant application through our online eGrant portal, which can be found at the bottom of this page under Important Links, and write Racial and Diversity Awareness next to the grant category RFP.  Briefly describe your plan on this form.  There is no need to upload additional attachments to this application.  We will review your application and respond within a couple of weeks.  Contact Gina Dotson at 330-655-1369 or gdotson@bdmorganfdn.org with any questions.

*Please note that all grant dollars have been distributed for this program.  For now, the Foundation will not be accepting additional applications for Racial and Diversity Awareness Grants.

More Information

Morgan Foundation's strategic framework, Venture 2021

More Information


Through the Foundation's online eGrant system, complete the brief Grant Application.  It can be viewed HERE but must be uploaded through the eGrant system (see Important Links below to access eGrant.)  This form is used for grant requests of all sizes and all types.

You will be instructed to attach one of the following:  Adult Entrepreneurship Application Attachment, Collegiate Entrepreneurship Application Attachment, Youth Entrepreneurship Application Attachment, Special Application Attachment  (for Hudson requests), or the RFP Application Attachment.  Please complete one of the above and submit as an attachment with your application.  Please note these forms were revised in January 2020.

Please be aware of the Foundation’s Application Deadlines.  When a deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, the Application is due by 5:00 pm on the following business day.

*Please note that as of April 1, 2019, Adult entrepreneurship applications are accepted on an invitation-only basis; additionally, grantmaking in this area is focused primarily on the city of Akron.  Click HERE for more information.

Morgan Scout Fund

The Morgan Scout Fund was established by the Foundation in 2019 to encourage proactive and innovative solutions to gaps in the regional entrepreneurial ecosystem.  Opportunities under the Morgan Scout Fund umbrella will be posted here as they become available.

Grant Review

Applications will be reviewed by a program officer.  At his or her discretion, the program officer may schedule an interview, site visit, or both, with the grant seeker.


If you have any questions about the grant application process or eGrant, please contact Gina Dotson, Grants & Communications Manager, at 330-655-1369 or gdotson@bdmorganfdn.org.

Important Links

*Note:  If you need to include additional attachments with your application that are not requested on the application form, email them with a note to the Grants Manager at gdotson@bdmorganfdn.org.