Scaleup Program for Second Stage Entrepreneurs

Scalerator NEO is a cohort-based educational program for entrepreneurs and their teams who want to deliver immediate growth to their businesses and are open to learning new ways to achieve this goal from industry experts. This six-month transformational program targets companies with sales between $3 million and $15 million whose owners have a strong ambition to scale their businesses quickly and sustainably.  Companies in all sectors, from manufacturing to technology to consumer goods, are encouraged to apply. A diverse cohort provides the most fertile ground for a successful Scalerator experience. 

Proven Track Record

With a focus on the 3 Cs of growth (Customers, Capacity, and Cash), Scalerator boasts impressive results, with 75% of participating companies increasing their growth by 25% or more following the completion of the program.  Graduates have gone on to achieve tremendous growth and are valued assets for new cohort participants through a dedicated alumni network.  Since 2017, 84 Northeast Ohio companies have successfully completed Scalerator.

Who Developed and Operates Scalerator?

Scalerator® was developed by Daniel Isenberg, CEO of Entrepreneurship Policy Advisors and former Harvard Business School professor. More than 400 companies have participated in Scalerator to date across the globe, with cohorts taking place in Northeast Ohio, Milwaukee, Manizales, Atlantic Canada, Rio de Janeiro and Trinidad and Tobago. Isenberg leads the program with the support of three other faculty members: Elaine Eisenman, Kevin Mulcahy, and Tim Marken. Together, these faculty members comprise over a century of experience growing real companies, and each is a celebrated educator with experience teaching at Harvard, Babson, Columbia, and other leading business schools. Burton D. Morgan Foundation partners with EDGE powered by MAGNET to administer the Scalerator NEO program.  

Cost of Participation

Funds from Morgan Foundation and the Fasenmyer Fund cover the costs associated with Scalerator NEO, and there are no fees charged to participating companies.  


Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, with up to 20 companies participating in each cohort.  To learn more, contact Brittany Bush.