Championing the Free Market System

Our founder, Burt Morgan, believed strongly in the importance of free enterprise, declaring that “the Foundation’s aim is to preserve the private enterprise system, which is America’s number one advantage over the rest of the world.” Burton D. Morgan Foundation champions free enterprise and seeks opportunities to educate others about its principles and its value to society.

The free enterprise system stands as a cornerstone of modern society, empowering individuals, fostering innovation, economic growth,.  At its core, this system promotes private ownership, principles of open markets, and minimal government intervention. Its significance lies in the way it stimulates competition, encourages entrepreneurship, and drives progress across various facets of life.

Individual Empowerment 

Individual empowerment is another critical aspect of the free enterprise system. It enables individuals to pursue their aspirations and take ownership of their economic destinies. Entrepreneurs can turn their ideas into reality, creating businesses that cater to societal needs and desires. This empowerment fosters a sense of initiative, self-reliance, and accountability, which are essential values for a vibrant and resilient society.

Business Empowerment

The free enterprise system encourages societal resilience and adaptability. Its decentralized nature allows for flexibility and adaptation to changing circumstances. Businesses can respond swiftly to market demands, innovate in times of crisis, and explore new opportunities, contributing to a more resilient economy and society as a whole.


One of its fundamental advantages is the encouragement of innovation. In a free enterprise system, individuals and businesses are motivated to innovate and develop new ideas to stay competitive. This drive for innovation fuels technological advancements, leading to groundbreaking discoveries, improved products, and more efficient services. As a result, society benefits from a continuous cycle of progress, where each innovation paves the way for the next, elevating standards of living and creating new opportunities.

Economic Growth

The free enterprise system serves as a catalyst for economic growth. By allowing businesses to operate with minimal restrictions, it fosters a dynamic environment where supply and demand determine prices and production. This competition drives efficiency, lowers costs, and expands consumer choices. Small businesses can flourish alongside larger corporations, fostering diversity and providing employment opportunities that support communities and economies on local, national, and global scales.