Market-Based Approach to Entrepreneurship Education for Youth




Morgan Foundation supports entrepreneurship education for youth through a market-based approach to philanthropy in which educators decide what we fund using a points-based system. Through YIPPEE Exchange, we put high-quality products on the site; give educators points to purchase them; and pay providers based on what educators buy. All are welcome to join the marketplace that builds student skills and exposes students to entrepreneurs in their communities.


Register here to begin earning points and using them to purchase grant opportunities. You get 500 points just for registering, which translates to $500 to spend on resources for you or your classroom. You can also earn points by leaving reviews, referring other educators, and annually certifying your information. Keep in mind, points can only be spent if there is a sponsor willing to pick up the tab. Sponsors are currently providing support for educators throughout Ohio and in Northwest Arkansas. For those who are not matched with a sponsor, there are many free products to choose from on the YIPPEE marketplace. 


Register here to begin adding your products to the site. Products must build at least one entrepreneurial skill and serve a classroom of up to 30 students.  We recommend an initial consultation with Robin Eisen, who will ensure the product meets our guidelines and provide consultation on how to best position your products on the site. Once your product has been approved, any educator can purchase it using points and we reimburse you with dollars - up to $300 per educator order.


YIPPEE takes the guesswork out of knowing what will be best for educators! If you are interested in sponsoring educator orders, please contact Karen Hodge. You can target dollars by type of school, geographic area, grade level, skills developed, and/or product category. YIPPEE automatically matches your dollars with the educators you seek to support and notifies them of your generosity. Sponsors can also see first-hand feedback from the educators they sponsor.

High-Quality Vetted Products

Products on YIPPEE go through an initial review process to ensure they will be valuable resources for educators. We then let the market decide which products rise to the top through a rating and review system. See the chart below for more information on the types of products available on YIPPEE. 


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