Scaleup Support for Second Stage Entrepreneurs

Burton D. Morgan Foundation believes that supporting second-stage businesses - companies with revenues between $1 million and $50 million - is critical for fostering sustained economic growth, job creation, and innovation. These businesses, often referred to as scaleups, face unique challenges distinct from startups. They've proven their concept, secured a customer base, and now require strategic support to scale their operations, expand market reach, and solidify their position within their industries.

Companies with revenues of $1 million - $50 million have an outsized impact on the regional economy and the creation of new jobs. There is a need for more intentional programming aimed at this important subset of entrepreneurs that will give them the tools to continue to grow.

What are second stage companies?

Second stage companies are privately owned, growth-oriented companies with annual revenues between $1M and $50M and at least 10 employees.

To address the scarcity of programming for this important subset of entrepreneurs, Morgan Foundation currently supports two initiatives:

Scalerator NEO

In 2017, Morgan Foundation partnered with the Richard J. Fasenmyer Foundation to launch Scalerator NEO, a six-month cohort based educational program for leadership teams seeking to deliver immediate growth to their second stage businesses.  The Scalerator program was developed by Dan Isenberg, CEO of Entrepreneurship Policy Advisors and former Harvard Business School professor.   It serves companies with $3 million - $15 million in sales and a desire to grow, and touts impressive results, with 75% of participating companies increasing their growth by 25% or more following the completion of the program.

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Edward Lowe Foundation Suite of Programs

Morgan Foundation partners with Edward Lowe Foundation to provide a variety of resources and tailored program options designed to spur the growth of second stage businesses.  Some opportunities are held virtually, while others are conducted onsite at Edward Lowe Foundation’s Big Rock Valley property in Cassopolis, Michigan.

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To learn more about Burton D. Morgan Foundation’s second stage programming, contact Michal Marcus.