Support for Second Stage Entrepreneurs

Burton D. Morgan Foundation began partnering with Edward Lowe Foundation in 2023 to provide a variety of resources and tailored program options designed to spur the growth of second stage businesses.  Some opportunities are held virtually, while others are conducted onsite at Edward Lowe Foundation’s idyllic Big Rock Valley property in Cassopolis, Michigan. 

Burton D. Morgan Foundation and Edward Lowe Foundation have co-invested funds to ensure that all program offerings are provided free of charge to Northeast Ohio participants.

Leadership Retreats at Big Rock Valley

Held at Edward Lowe Foundation’s Big Rock Valley property, leadership retreats enable entrepreneurs to step away from daily distractions and really focus on building their businesses. Sessions are highly interactive, and content is geared to push participants out of their comfort zone and think differently. Content revolves around how entrepreneurs’ organizations are changing, how their team is changing, and how they as leaders are responding to these changes.

PeerSpectives® CEO Roundtables

Available in both virtual and in-person formats, CEO Roundtables provide participants with the opportunity to enhance their leadership abilities and sharpen decision-making through peer interaction in a confidential arena.  Through sessions with other entrepreneurs who are also running second stage companies, participants learn how to approach opportunities and avoid costly mistakes from a trusted set of individuals with first-hand experience. 

The System for Integrated Growth (SIG)® 

Conducted virtually, the SIG program enables second stage CEOs to work with a team of business experts who provide tailored information and best practices to help CEOs strengthen company infrastructure, enter new markets, and find new customers.  Depending on their needs, areas of focus may include human resources, operations and supply chain, accounting and finance, global trade, sales and marketing, succession planning, secondary market research, online marketing, and customer prospecting. 

American Academy of Entrepreneurs® 

This mentoring program pairs seasoned entrepreneurs with business owners who have entered second stage more recently. This invitation-only six-month program helps participants expand their networks and accelerate growth, while providing mentors with the opportunity to give back and share lessons learned.


The Entrepreneur-in-Residence program provides second stage business owners with a rare opportunity to hit the pause button and reflect on both themselves and their companies. Designed for individuals, this three-day retreat enables participants to step back, take stock, and recharge in Big Rock Valley’s inspirational setting.  Entrepreneurs are encouraged to set an intention to return home with a refreshed perspective and a path to addressing issues challenging them personally and professionally. 

Legacy Council

Focused on succession planning, The Legacy Council is a one-year program for a select group of entrepreneurs who have either exited their companies or are near that stage and is designed to help them focus on the next phase of their entrepreneurial journey.

To learn more about these programs or Morgan Foundation’s focus on second stage businesses, contact Michal Marcus.