Connecting Entrepreneurs with Capital

Burton D. Morgan recognizes that securing capital is one of the most critical unmet needs of Northeast Ohio entrepreneurs. Connecting entrepreneurs with capital is pivotal for fostering innovation, driving economic growth, and creating sustainable businesses. Access to capital fuels the engine of entrepreneurship, empowering visionaries to transform ideas into reality. It acts as the lifeblood for startups and small businesses, enabling them to scale, innovate, and compete in dynamic markets.

Morgan Foundation seeks opportunities that get capital to both skill-building and revenue-generating entrepreneurs by:

  • Making grants to non-profit partners that provide loans and equity to entrepreneurs of all ages
  • Initiating investments in venture capital funds that will impact entrepreneurs in our region
  • Facilitating relationships between Northeast Ohio entrepreneurs and other funders

Connecting entrepreneurs with capital not only enables the growth of individual enterprises but also foster an ecosystem that drives innovation, fosters economic development, and creates lasting societal impact.

Morgan Startup Grants

One vehicle Burton D. Morgan Foundation employs to provide capital to new ventures and those just starting to earn revenue is the Morgan Startup Grants program. Morgan Foundation has partnered with many non-profit organizations and institutions in Northeast Ohio since the program launched in 2021 to provide founders with much needed seed money - also known as microgrants - for testing, launching and growing their ventures. The program provides a just-in-time approach to connecting ventures to capital and stands as another pathway to access funding outside of pitch competitions. Recipients utilize funding in a variety of ways, including jumpstarting their inventory, acquiring a website, and getting their LLC.   

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