Reporting Requirements and Forms

Grant recipients are generally required to provide one or more reports on grant outcomes. Unless otherwise instructed in the grant award letter, please save a copy of one of the forms below, complete the form, and submit it to the Foundation by the date specified in your agreement. You may use as much space as needed or attach addenda.

For All Mission-Related Grants

For Hudson and Community Grants

Please submit the report via email (preferred) or USPS to:

Sarah Shaw
Grants & Data Administrator
Burton D. Morgan Foundation
22 Aurora St.
Hudson, OH  44236

Challenge Grant Reporting

Occasionally, Burton D. Morgan Foundation will award a challenge grant to provide the organization with an opportunity to broaden its base of support by attracting new donors and new dollars. As evidence that a challenge grant has been satisfied, you must provide a letter from your organization’s president or chief financial officer certifying that the entire amount required to satisfy the challenge has been received in the form of contributions and pledges that meet the requirements. This letter must be accompanied by a completed Challenge Grant Documentation Form, which documents the contributions and pledges being counted toward satisfaction of the challenge.

Challenge Grant Documentation Form

Fiscal Sponsor Reporting

Sometimes, Burton D. Morgan Foundation will approve grants that require a fiscal sponsor.   Organizations that serve as fiscal sponsors have additional reporting responsibilities.  In conjunction with the standard report form, the head of the fiscal sponsor organization must submit a letter attesting to the accuracy of the submitted report.  Fiscal sponsor organizations also must submit their most recent audited financial statements.  A template of the required letter is provided below for your convenience.

Fiscal Sponsor Letter Template