Prior to 2024, Burton D. Morgan Foundation awarded grants in three mission-related focus areas: Youth Entrepreneurship, Collegiate Entrepreneurship, and Adult Entrepreneurship.

After completing a strategic planning process, the Foundation redefined its funding priorities and is now awarding grants in the following categories: Free Enterprise, Entrepreneurship Education, Second Stage Businesses, and Funding Entrepreneurs.

Morgan Foundation also provides grants to support programs and initiatives that impact the Hudson community, our founder’s hometown.

In addition, the Foundation periodically makes proactive grants to community organizations whose important work falls outside our mission-related grant focus. These grants are usually made once a year and are determined on a proactive basis. We do not accept requests for our proactive community grantmaking and typically select a different group of recipient organizations each year.

The grants listed reflect awards approved in a particular year, including unmet challenge and conditional grants. Certain grants have been omitted due to the nominal amount of the award. Total awards may vary from the Foundation’s audited financial statements due to the requirements of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

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