Reaching New Heights at Kent State University's SkyHack Event

Burton D. Morgan Foundation was thrilled to sponsor the fourth SkyHack, held November 3-4 at Kent State University.  SkyHack is a weekend-long, aviation-focused design challenge, presented by the Design Innovation Initiative and the College of Aeronautics and Engineering at Kent State University.  This event provided students with the opportunity to explore issues in the aviation industry ranging from unmanned aerial vehicles, to pathogens on planes, to sustainability.  Ten student teams competed for $9,000 in prizes.


Air Travel Experience
AirWear – 1st Place (pictured below)
Oasis Air – 2nd Place

Sustainable Aviation
Eco Flyers – 1st Place (pictured below)
EATO – 2nd Place

Aerospace Redefined
Rubble Busters – 1st Place (pictured below)
StarWell/JHARK – 2nd Place

DI Collaboration Award
Moon Missionaries (pictured below)

Click HERE to learn more about the student teams and their fascinating final projects/designs

Click HERE to learn more about the Rubble Busters team