New Applications for May Deadlines

Burton D. Morgan Foundation is in the process of rolling out new grant applications and reports.  Our staff has been working to create new forms that clearly reflect what we value as a grantmaker and help you to effectively communicate your project and funding needs.

Previously, we had one Application for requests greater than $20,000 and one Letter of Inquiry for requests $20,000 and less.  We now have four separate applications that will be completed regardless of amount requested*.  The four applications are:

Adult Entrepreneurship Application
Collegiate Entrepreneurship Application
Youth Entrepreneurship Application
Special Application

Most of our grantees will complete the entrepreneurship-focused applications.  The Special Application will be used for grantees requesting support for Hudson community initiatives and for philanthropy-focused organizations.

*You will note in our applications that smaller grant requests may not need as much detail and require fewer supporting documents.

Grantees will continue to submit applications through our online eGrant system according to the same deadlines that can still be found on our website.  But first…

Timeline for Transition
…we need to transition the applications on our eGrant page.  We are utilizing our new applications effective immediately.  Deadlines to submit are May 1 for requests greater than $20,000 and May 15 for requests of $20,000 and less, to be decided at the Trustee Meeting in September.  We anticipate our applications will be up and ready on the eGrant site by April 1.  In the meantime, they can be found on our website, so that if you are planning to apply you may begin preparing your request. 

Our new report forms (interim and final) will be rolled out soon and uploaded to the Foundation website in Microsoft Word for easy access and completion.  You will continue to email reports to Gina Dotson at  Please be sure to begin using our new report forms as soon as they become available, regardless of instructions in grant award letters you may have already received. 

As always, visit our website for the latest application and reporting guidelines.  Please contact Gina Dotson with any questions as or 330-655-1369.