Burton D. Morgan Foundation Board Updates

On December 1, the Trustees of Burton D. Morgan Foundation unanimously voted to welcome Jenny Peshina as a new Trustee, effective immediately.     Jenny has had a long career with the American Heart Association and currently serves as National Consultant of Volunteerism.  She is also cofounder of DJP Properties, a thriving family business that includes rental properties in Canton, Louisville, and Malvern.

“I am honored to join the Morgan Foundation Board and look forward to furthering Burt Morgan’s mission and vision,” commented Jenny. “His passion for making a difference and commitment to entrepreneurship was inspiring, and I am committed to supporting and contributing to the exciting work being done in Northeast Ohio through the Foundation.”

The Trustees also voted for long-time Trustee Richard Seaman to serve as Board Chairman, a position not previously held on the Board.   Richard was CEO of Seaman Corporation for 40 years and is now Chairman of the Board of Directors.  Richard is also the author of A Vibrant Vision:  The Entrepreneurship of Multigenerational Family Business.

In addition, Foundation CEO and President Deborah Hoover was appointed to be an ex officio member of the Board of Trustees.

Board Chairman Richard Seaman commented, “Jenny will be a valuable addition to the Morgan Foundation Board of Trustees.  She brings a career of entrepreneurial accomplishments in the non-profit environment but also has entrepreneurial experience in the business arena.  Jenny also knew Burt Morgan personally.  Her respect for his philosophy and commitment to the free enterprise system and entrepreneurship will help to assure that the spirit of Donor’s Intent remains a key component of Morgan Foundation’s strategic direction.”