Application Submission Process Announcement

Not a fan of character counts?  No problem!  Burton D. Morgan Foundation recently made a change to our application submission process. 

Previously when you submitted a grant application through the Foundation's online eGrant portal, you would select either the Adult Entrepreneurship Application, the Collegiate Entrepreneurship Application, the Youth Entrepreneurship Application, or the Special Grant Application (primarily used for Hudson-related requests.) 

As of May 6, there is just one application available on eGrant to be used for all request amounts and funding categories, the 2019 Grant Application.  The application is very brief and requests basic information.  You can view it on the Apply page of our website.

This application will direct you to attach the appropriate Funding Category Attachment (Adult Entrepreneurship, Collegiate Entrepreneurship, Youth Entrepreneurship or Special), which will include the bulk of the information needed by the Foundation to evaluate your grant request.  There is also an RFP Application attachment, which will be used occasionally for special grant opportunities that will be announced on our website. These attachments are word documents that can be found on the Apply page of the Foundation's website. 

We have made this change to enable Foundation staff to more quickly and easily adapt our application materials when needed and to allow you more flexibility in completing the application by eliminating word and character counts.

If you have any questions, please refer to our Grant Application Guidelines on our website or contact Gina Dotson, Grants and Communications Manager at