Reflections on the Year of the Pivot

Dear Foundation Friends,

One of the most uttered words in 2020 is PIVOT.  I wish I had counted the number of times our team used the word pivot in any given day—we pivoted our technology platforms, our modes of communication, our workspaces, our schedules, our grant goals, and our boundaries for personal space.  I realized that we have used the word pivot so often that I needed to revisit its core meaning. defines pivot as: “to modify (a policy, opinion, product) while retaining some continuity with its previous version.”  While this meaning resonated with me, it didn’t fully capture the essence of our 2020 journey, so I switched to  Synonyms listed for pivot include revolve—roll—rotate—spin—swing—swirl—swivel—turn—twist—whirl.  The impressions of change evoked by this list speak to me about the tumult of the 2020 we experienced.

And while these words paint a picture of disorder, chaos, and upheaval, (and to some degree all of that is true), my reflection on 2020 must conclude with the realization that despite the challenges, we as a foundation team came out stronger and better—we flexed our entrepreneurial muscle and redoubled our efforts to serve entrepreneurs. We looked at the world through fresh lenses and drew upon reserves we had not previously tapped. We confronted problems and impediments with resolve, ingenuity, and adaptability.  In short, we innovated and demonstrated the entrepreneurial spirit that buoyed our founder Burt Morgan through the roller coaster ride of being a maverick and an entrepreneur. 

As we turn the calendar to 2021 (can’t wait to do that), we see a changed world ahead that will demand the entrepreneurial spirit and mindset.  We look forward to navigating that world with all of you and figuring out new ways of working together and ensuring that entrepreneurship resources are readily available to all who seek to dream, create, start, and grow. 

In the meantime, we wish you a happy holiday season and a bright (brighter) new year!

Deb Hoover
President & CEO