A Parent's Perspective on the EntrepreNEW Program

EntrepreNEW is a youth entrepreneurship program that is being piloted by the Six District Educational Compact.  EntrepreNEW is being developed as a mechanism to readily transition high school students into entrepreneurial careers. By creating immersive environments that provide students with opportunities to build power skills and robust networks, they are positioned to chart and navigate new paths to success. 

Learn more about the program from Jeannie Glover, a parent of an EntrepreNEW student:

"I didn’t know much about the EntrepreNEW program until my son pulled my coat tail to the opportunity. I chose to support him applying to the program because I hoped the program would prepare my student to operate in a business capacity in the real work world by being mentored by real business owners and learning correct business protocol.

As a parent, the program appealed to me because I wanted my son exposed to the inner workings of local business here in Ohio. Another thing that particularly appealed was the instructor who previously taught my son. She is excellent.

I already can see that he’s thinking more like an owner, leader, or CEO rather than a worker alone. And through him, I have learned about business plans, marketing strategies, and how to communicate with my son as community leader, not just a student. My son comes home inspired daily to achieve bigger.

In the future, I think my African American son will be a benefit in the community by representing a smaller percentage of business owners in the area. Also, this program fosters diversity within the community allowing them to in turn provide more opportunities to young people in his demographic.

It is my hope that: my son has bigger goals and the resources and connections to make his business ideas become a reality; to see younger, thriving, diverse business owners in this community; and that the students get a jump on their entrepreneurial goals and get their businesses off the ground."

Learn more about a stipend opportunity connected to the EntrepreNEW program.