2020:  A Powerful Teaching Moment for the Entrepreneurial Mindset

By Deborah D. Hoover, President & CEO
Burton D. Morgan Foundation

There has never been a time when the entrepreneurial mindset and related skill sets have been more important as a means to survive and thrive than this moment we are all experiencing.   These are what we call teachable moments—times of disruption and upheaval when the world we once knew no longer functions as it once did and we are forced to design a new reality.

Educators have been on the front lines of societal transformation wrought by the pandemic and social unrest and we celebrate their daily heroism.  Teachers across our nation have been forced to adapt in order to create new ways to reach students through synchronous and asynchronous learning, sometimes working simultaneously with in-person and virtual classroom settings.

Burton D. Morgan Foundation is grateful to educators everywhere for keeping young people on a path to achievement through perseverance, entrepreneurial muscle, and a healthy vision for the future.   Educators are modeling entrepreneurial behavior for students by demonstrating how to move forward despite impediments thrown in the way.

The pandemic also shines a bright light on the true impact of the inequities that exist in our educational systems.  Educators have the opportunity to be on the leading edge of this work, to transform the narrative of how we talk about diversity, equity, and inclusion, to get comfortable with uncomfortable conversations, and to set a tone of hope and joy, despite the daunting challenges all around us.

The monumental problems confronting our world today demand the entrepreneurial mindset—

  • Critical thinking—careful analysis of a complex problem coupled with creative problem solving  
  • Adaptability—ability to shift as conditions change and present new challenges
  • Collaboration—inclusive practices drawing upon the talents and diverse perspectives of many to solve problems
  • Initiative—action-oriented, self- motivated approach to solving problems
  • Creativity/Innovation—problem solving that does not rely on tried and true solutions but looks for unique and out-of-the box ways to remove impediments

These are some of the skills our nation’s educators are deploying to keep children learning and focused on the future.  In this teachable moment, educators are demonstrating the essential nature of the entrepreneurial mindset.  During November and December, Young Entrepreneur Institute will be hosting Enspire Fall Fest 2020 as a virtual event for educators to learn, reflect, and strengthen entrepreneurial skills.  Visit for more information.  We celebrate teachers everywhere for your resilience, stamina, and entrepreneurial spirit.  We hope Enspire Fall Fest will provide an opportunity to pause and rejuvenate as you hear from national thought leaders in education.