Blogs and Articles by Foundation Staff

 Smart Business Magazine Guest Blogs

"Transformational Support:  The Burton D. Morgan Foundation Paves the Way for a Rejuvenated Entrepreneurial Culture in Northeast Ohio," January 2014

"Capitalizing on our Region’s Special Sauce," November 2014

"Market Alchemy:  Drawing the Connection Between Entrepreneurial Skills and Philanthropic Vision," February 2015

"The Fresh Face of Failure:  The Road to Success is Paved with Studied Failures," May 2015

"Gathering STEAM: The Makerspace Movement is Helping Burgeoning Entrepreneurs," August 2015

"Food and Entrepreneurship Make a Great Match," November 2015

"Controlled Chaos:  A Look at the World of Hackathons and the Innovation They Create," February 2016

"Serendipity: The Ability to Link Luck with Skill in Business," May 2016

"Akron Artists: Blending Creativity with Business Know-How," July 2016

"Public Libraries: Launching Entrepreneurs and their Ideas," November 2016

"Practicing the Pitch:  The Fine Art of Persuasion," February 2017

"Defying the Odds:  We Can Raise Mythical Creatures in Ohio," May 2017

"Entrepreneurship at its Best," August 2017

"Entrepreneurial Foundation," February 2018

"Innovation Hub:  Resilient Akron Places Big Bet on Bounce," May 2018

"Startup Internships," August 2018

"Preparing for the Future of Work,"  October 2018

"Venture for America:  Fellows bring fresh ideas to NEO startup community,"  February 2019

"Lifelong Learning:  Adults Return to the Classroom,"  May 2019

"The Scaleup Movement," September 2019

"Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs are Gaining Valuable Problem-Solving Skills Today," March 2020

"Philanthropy Can Bolster Society," June 2020

"A Social Responsibility to Build More Equitable Systems and Create Opportunities," September 2020

"Adjusting to Disruption: Redesigning Workplace Culture for a New Era," January 2021

"Which Road Will We Take?  Managing Change for a Brighter Future," March 2021

"Lifeling Learning is a 21st Century Essential," April 2021

"Emotional Intelligence," June 2021

"Collective Impact: Aligning Efforts to Support Entrepreneurs," September 2021

"How Positive Work Environments Contribute to Higher Levels of Innovation," December 2021

"Entrepreneurial Spirit:  Building a World Class Innovation Ecosystem," March 2022

"The Quality of Humility:  How Being Humble Bolsters Organizational Leadership," June 2022

Other Articles and Publications by Foundation Staff:

"Buy Lemonade, Inspire an Entrepreneur," Crain's Cleveland Business, July 2012

"Personal View: Here's Betting on Learned Entrepreneurship," Crain's Cleveland Business, October 2012

"Personal View: Entrepreneurship Paths for All," Crain's Cleveland Business, August 2014

"Refreshing Your Inner Grantmaker," Grant Craft, July 2015

"Northeast Ohio's Startup Ecosystem:  The Visible & the Invisible", Meeting of the Minds, June 2017

"The Enterprising Campus Library," Deshpande Symposium newsletter, January 2018

"The Ecosystem that Thrives," Chapter 6, Community Colleges as Incubators of Innovation:  Unleashing Entrepreneurial Opportunities for Communities and Students, 2019, edited by Rebecca A. Corbin and Ron Thomas

"One Foundation's Racial Equity Journey," Philanthopy Ohio, August 2020

"Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Builders:  Philanthropy, Entrepreneurs, Universities, and Communities Working Collaboratively,", Chapter 9, Annals of Entrepreneurship Education and Pedagogy, 2021, in association with USASBE, edited by Charles H. Matthews and Eric W. Liguori