Navigating Growth: Unveiling Burton D. Morgan Foundation's 2023 Annual Report

Burton D. Morgan Foundation’s annual report, “Charting a Course”, details the foundation’s year-long journey to identify our highest priorities which will guide our pursuit of maximum organizational effectiveness over the next three years.

Morgan Foundation embarked on a transformative expedition to establish a new framework that will enable us to amplify our impact on Northeast Ohio’s entrepreneurial community and economic landscape.  Guided by the enduring vision of our founder, Burt Morgan, we defined the foundation’s core values and strategic guiding principles, affirmed our commitment to preserving free enterprise, and identified new pathways for supporting entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship education, and significant business growth in our community.

Through the pages of our annual report, we invite you to look back at our year of strategizing and join us as we journey forward to profoundly and sustainably impact the entrepreneurs and the communities that we serve.  Game on!

Annual Report