New Book by National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship Available for Purchase

National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship (NACCE) with Stylus Publishing has just released a new book focused on the role of community colleges in generating ideas, ventures, and ecosystems. Burton D Morgan Foundation is honored to have a chapter included in this publication—"The Ecosystem That Thrives"—a synopsis of the educational pathways that connect entrepreneurship programs across our region. We were excited to participate in this project with many colleagues from across the country and now through the release of the book to share our perspectives with a broader audience. Below is an excerpt from our chapter that captures the collective work of the region’s ecosystem builders:

Northeast Ohio has transformed its vexing economic struggles into a platform for launching new approaches to entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education.  In the process, the region has evolved into a laboratory for ecosystem experimentation.  Ecosystem partners over more than a decade have piloted a multitude of programs aimed at identifying best practices, creating a renewed culture of innovation, and engaging the larger community in fostering the entrepreneurial spirit.  This broad-based approach is focused on designing initiatives and supporting programs that introduce grade-schoolers to entrepreneurial concepts, provide college students with mentored startup experiences, and deliver just-in-time learning to adults navigating perplexing entrepreneurial journeys.

Doan Winkel, Director of the John Carroll University Muldoon Center, also worked with Christopher Mullin, an expert in higher education policy, on a chapter for the publication titled, "Entrepreneurship and Workforce Development."

We hope you will enjoy our chapter on Northeast Ohio ecosystem-building, along with many other intriguing stories about the connectivity being generated by community colleges as Incubators of Innovation.

Community Colleges as Incubators of Innovation: Unleashing Opportunities for Communities and Students is now available for purchase.

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