New Grant Processes

Electronic Grant Payments
Burton D. Morgan Foundation has transitioned our grant payments from paper checks to electronic payments, enabling grantees to receive funds more quickly and eliminating the possibility of checks being misdirected or lost in the mail.  While we may still make an occasional payment by check on a case-by-case basis, the vast majority of our payments are now made electronically.

When a grant is approved, an award letter is generated and emailed to the grantee.  This award letter now contains a place for the grantee to include a banking contact - the person within the organization authorized to provide banking information.  Once the completed award letter is returned to the Foundation, Foundation staff will send a secure communication through DocuSign to the identified banking contact to obtain the information needed to make the payment.  We will not retain banking information so we will request it with every grant award.  Once the payment has been made (usually on a Friday), staff will email the grantee - typically the Monday after the transaction is completed -  a confirmation that payment has been made.

This new payment process is already in effect.  We hope this change will make the payment process more convenient for our grantees.

Grant Application Submission - Coming Soon
Morgan Foundation is in the process of transitioning to a new online grant application submission portal.  The process for application submissions on GoApply will be similar to that of eGrant, our current and soon-to-be-retired  portal.  Applicants will be able to access the portal through our Apply webpage, as they do now.  While we will discontinue use of eGrant, it will still be available to grantees to access previously submitted applications

We anticipate completing this transition by the end of the summer and encourage applicants to check our Apply webpage before beginning an application to ensure they are utilizing the correct application portal.

Please contact Grants & Communications Manager, Gina Dotson, with any questions or feedback on these new grant processes.