A Message from Burton D. Morgan Foundation President & CEO

Dear Friends,

Once filled with the voices and ideas of our ecosystem partners, Morgan Foundation meeting rooms have been dark and quiet for the past two months. We miss seeing everyone in person, but our entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem cannot be silenced or deterred. The connectivity and idea sharing have been transported to Zoom and Teams and other virtual spaces where the ecosystem continues to teem and do its job. All the trust, partnerships, and experiences we have shared over the years have coalesced during the pandemic to speed innovation, cut red tape, and place resources where they need to be to fill gaps.

Despite the mammoth challenges we all face, we are keeping our eye on the goal of building a strong, connected, and diverse ecosystem in support our region’s entrepreneurs and innovators. Morgan Foundation will adapt and pivot to ensure that we continue to champion the entrepreneurial spirit and navigate through the pandemic with resolve and ingenuity. We hope all of you are safe and well and we look forward to being back together in the coming months.

Deborah Hoover
President & CEO