Richardson Elementary Entrepreneurs Will Man Lemonade Stands May 19-20

Students from Richardson Elementary will be putting their entrepreneurial skills to use this weekend at lemonade stands in Cuyahoga Falls this weekend. 

Lemonade Day is a national experiential education program that teaches children about business and entrepreneurship through the time-honored tradition of running a lemonade stand. Young Entrepreneur Institute directs all activities for Lemonade Day in Northeast Ohio and works with schools, organizations and individuals. Over 3,800 students across Northeast Ohio will participate in Lemonade Day this year.

If you wish to support youth entrepreneurship and grab a cold glass of lemonade this weekend, check out the schedule below:


Wild Lemonade Butterflies
Cafe O' Play
Saturday, May 19
1-4 pm
We are going to have music. We have strawberry lemonade made with Kool-Aid!

The Lemon Baskets
Cuyahoga Falls Library
Sunday, May 20
2-5 pm
Everything will be in baskets.

Aloha Lemonade
El Meson
Saturday, May 19
1-4 pm
It's icy cold Lemonade!  It's Aloha Lemonade!  It's pink cranberry lemonade!
$1.00  cup!