Global Entrepreneurship Week Ohio is November 16 - 20

Global Entrepreneurship Week (Nov 16-22, 2020) is a 7-day celebration that showcases exciting local innovation, and strengthens connections. Designed for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs, #GEW2020 educates aspiring & established founders alike on best practices, addresses common struggles and showcases regional access to the dynamic network of resources and investment within the Ohio ecosystem.

Ohio will host a variety of engaging sessions with the regions experts, and provide an overall roadmap of what tools and potential opportunities exist within the region and beyond.

Reasons to attend:

  • Meet fellow founders, entrepreneurs, developers and investors in casual venues to talk shop, share code and make plans
  • Be part of a culture that celebrates sharing and learning from one another
  • Learn from incredibly smart entrepreneurs and experienced mentors
  • Network with the entire greater Northeast Ohio region and interact with new businesses and people in meaningful and impactful ways
  • Learn how Ohio businesses and communities are coping and responding to COVID

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