Philanthropy Can Bolster Society - Read Deborah Hoover's Latest Article in Smart Business

Smart Business, June 22, 2020

Episodes of disaster can be times of great innovation and resourcefulness

As the pandemic has spread across Northeast Ohio, philanthropy is stepping up to address the impact, contributing to pooled funds and developing strategies to help the region emerge from this combined health and economic crisis. To devise strategies, community leaders look back to the 1918 Spanish influenza pandemic to see how our region fared.

Akron responded vigorously to the Spanish influenza pandemic that hit hard in October 1918. Dr. Charles Nesbitt was at the helm of the Akron Health Department and had the foresight to see the epidemic coming, informing citizens about the strict measures required to protect their families. Through curtailment of mass gatherings, Akron weathered the storm and minimized cases better than many cities.

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