Dear Friends, 

By now most of you will have seen the announcement about my departure from Burton D. Morgan Foundation next year.  As I have reflected on this important transition, I am proud of what our organization has accomplished over the last two decades.  We established and grew programs that propel entrepreneurs forward and fostered the entrepreneurial mindset in imaginative K-12 and university students.  We have been at this work long enough to experience vicariously the joy and hard work of thousands of  entrepreneurs across the region advancing ideas from concept to venture to success.  We celebrate all the successes of the courageous entrepreneurs our programs have lifted up! 

I certainly did not achieve these successes on my own.  I thank Burt Morgan for his recognition that the resources he earned through sweat and bold action could help others achieve their dreams.  The Foundation’s Board and Staff are committed to Burt’s vision of a robust entrepreneurial community in Northeast Ohio and work hard each year to ensure the resources we shepherd are optimized.  And most importantly, our strategic partners deserve mountains of praise for sharing our vision, experimenting, pivoting, spreading the lessons learned, being inclusive, and navigating with good humor. 

I have received hundreds of kind messages from well-wishers and for these reflections on our shared goals, I extend heartfelt appreciation.  While the work we are tackling is exciting and fun, there are few roadmaps and the days are often long and challenging.  We have persevered, changed course as necessary, tried again, sometimes failed, but often succeeded.  As the leader of Morgan Foundation since 2007, I have done my best to draw upon a strategic mindset, but also to lead with empathy and compassion, especially critical during the crazy days of the pandemic.

As I take this next step in my career, I remain committed to the power of entrepreneurship to transform lives, help people see the possible, change the trajectory of regional economies, and solve vexing problems.  I look forward to continuing my service to Northeast Ohio as a dedicated ecosystem builder and entrepreneurship supporter.  Gratitude to my partners, collaborators, and friends for our purposeful journey! 

Best wishes,

Deb Hoover