Entrepreneur Profile:  Jaret Barclay

"My name is Jaret Barclay, CEO/Founder of Superade Kombucha! I am a 23 year old entrepreneur and Hiram College Alumni class of 2022! While I attended Hiram College I was introduced to the Entrepreneurship Center led by Dave Strukel and Dave Kukurza. The entrepreneurship center helps students who want to reach another level of entrepreneurship by networking, idea labs/competitions, and hours inside the classroom learning about entrepreneurship. 

Burton D. Morgan Foundation helped me receive capital when it counted the most! Burton D. Morgan Foundation’s goal is to boost the entrepreneurship ecosystem throughout Northeast Ohio and around the world."

Burton D. Morgan Foundation congratulates Jaret on his success and wishes him well as he continues to grow his business!  Learn more about Jaret and Superade Kombucha on his Facebook page: