Defying the Odds: We Can Raise Mythical Creatures in Ohio
By Deborah Hoover

This year, at the same time Burton D. Morgan Foundation is celebrating its 50th anniversary as a champion of the entrepreneurial spirit, I am also marking my tenth anniversary as President of the Foundation.  These important milestones are serving as a time for the Foundation to reflect on the past and look to the future. 

This most recent decade has been filled with significant change and accomplishment in our region's entrepreneurial community.  The achievement is nowhere more apparent than in the announcement of our region's first "unicorn" event, the acquisition of Northeast Ohio-spawned CoverMyMeds by McKesson for more than $1 billion.  This enormous success is testament to the overall concept of our collective ecosystem and the effectiveness of our venture development organizations like JumpStart and BioEnterprise working together toward the growth of high potential startups.   An outcome we once thought was elusive, even mythical, has now happened. 

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