Hudson Job Search (HJS) is a volunteer organization offering free outplacement training to those of the community of Hudson, Ohio.  HJS is staffed by fellow Hudsonites. HJS Advisors volunteer their time to the currently out of work community for the sole purpose of tutoring those sincerely interested in acquiring or honing job search skills. The advisor group consists of business executives and other prominent Hudsonites, many with first-hand experience in searching for new employment themselves. 

Advisors provide the following job search skills to clients: Job Search Focus & Goal Setting; Project Management & Organization; Resume, Cover Letter and Marketing Letter Writing; Researching Positions & Companies; Building & Exercising Your Network; Interviewing Skills & Preparation; Negotiating Compensation; and Closing the Offer. 

For more information, visit the Hudson Job Search website at or call Jim Ahern, director, at 330 653 5322..