Patrick T. Finley is founder and chairman of VITALIA Senior Residences, a prolific developer of Premium Luxury Senior Living communities.  He is the founder and Chairman of OMNI Property Companies, a developer and owner of Office, Retail, Hotel, Apartments, Self-Storage and Industrial projects. Pat has been a principal in real estate projects exceeding $4 billion in his 35 years in real estate investment and development. His current initiatives in Senior Living Communities include over $1 Billion in new projects funded by the OMNI Private Equity Funds.

Pat began his career when he had to pay for college. He started what has become the OMNI/VITALIA portfolio when he obtained several student rental properties at The University of Akron while working toward his degree in Finance. To subsidize, he became the youngest person, at age 18, to obtain a Series Seven Stockbroker license from the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Selling Real Estate limited partnerships added to his knowledge in real estate financial structures. In order to further seed his new investments, he supplemented by working as a bank teller as well as unloading trucks at a local retail store.

Pat's abundant volunteer work includes past Chairman of North Coast Community Homes serving approximately 1,000 people with disabilities. He is the past chairman of the Young Presidents Organization, an international consortium of large company Presidents who focus on learning and community enhancement.  Pat is also a past President of National Association of Office and Industrial Properties. 

Pat is an active commercial jet airplane and helicopter pilot, scuba diver, snow and water skier, cyclist, snowboarder, boater and martial artist. In 2014, he and his 79-year-old father climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, the world’s tallest freestanding mountain. Pat is the author of the book, “Spinning Into Control” which uses extensive interviews with survivors of extreme hardships to highlight a unique code that helps individuals overcome adversity and achieve their dreams.

Pat was elected to the Board of Trustees of Burton D. Morgan Foundation in 2012.