Enter Young Entrepreneur Pitch Challenge by July 15

Young Entrepreneur Pitch Challenge is a pitch contest for students throughout the nation in grades 5-12. It is a simple set of activities that help kids learn creativity, problem solving, critical thinking, and presentation skills. Pitch Challenge teaches essential workforce readiness skills and helps kids develop a mindset for 21st century careers whether or not they become an entrepreneur. Educators can download a free Pitch Challenge Toolkit here.


  • Think of a business idea! It can be a product, service, social enterprise, or technology business.
  • Create a video of yourself or you and a friend! Up to two participants per entry.
  • Keep the camera focused on you for most of the video. We want to see and hear you pitching your idea. We don’t want to see a commercial.
  • Keep your video short, under two minutes.
  • If filming on your cell phone, hold your phone vertically, vertical videos do not look professional.
  • Entries will be judged on the CREATIVITY of the idea, business name and video; the PERSUASIVENESS of the elevator pitch; and the OVERALL QUALITY of the idea, pitch and video.

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