We Are a Learning Organization

Burton D. Morgan Foundation prioritizes strategic learning for its staff, its Board, its grantees, and its partners.  We build learning into all that we do, capture the knowledge created, and find ways to share our learning through multiple channels so that others benefit from our experiences. Learning has become a natural part of our work and an activity that excites and unites our team.  Our internal structures incorporate and promote learning, including professional development opportunities and goals.  We emphasize learning opportunities with our grantees and engage them in the efforts to share lessons generated through grant initiatives.  We energetically partner with peers in philanthropy to share and learn together.  We understand our role in the larger community and believe that we can hasten innovation and promote continuous improvement through lessons broadly shared.   

Although we are a small team of professionals, we are committed to creatively packaging knowledge in ways that deliver information where it can best be deployed for the good of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship educators, and entrepreneurial ecosystems.   By sharing what we learn with a broad network, we develop learning partnerships, amplifying the impact of our work many times over.