Entrepreneurship Education Experiment

We advance entrepreneurship education.

Morgan Foundation believes that entrepreneurial skill building is one of the most important learning experiences we can support for students in the 21st century.  Decades ago, our founder, Burt Morgan, envisioned a world in which entrepreneurship education would become a core element of primary, secondary, and higher education curricula and programming.  While that vision has largely come true over the last decade, much work remains to fully optimize the potential of entrepreneurship education for students as they design their lives and careers. 

In 2015, Morgan Foundation established Entrepreneurship Education Experiment (E3) as its research arm to gather data and lessons learned about innovative and effective practices that are on the frontiers of entrepreneurship education.   Through E3, we collaborate with other organizations, share the experiences and findings of our grantees, organize and present at professional conferences, participate in learning communities, publish blogs, papers, and other materials, and consult with colleagues to share our data and observations. 

Through the work of E3, the Foundation continues to build a body of knowledge to help inform our grantmaking practices and to support the work of our many partner organizations engaged in preparing students for an ever-changing world through entrepreneurship education.     

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