A Beacon for Entrepreneurship 

Although November is our official Anniversary month, we have enjoyed our yearlong celebration marking this major milestone with special grants, startup events, and fireworks.   A culminating event next month will be the illumination of Terminal Tower on the evening of November 4th displaying our Foundation's logo colors across Cleveland's night sky.  This event bears important symbolic value for our Foundation as an expression of our mission championing the entrepreneurial spirit. 

Terminal Tower opened its doors in 1930 as the second tallest building in the world. At that time, Terminal Tower held a powerful strobe light that rotated 360 degrees to guide ships entering Cleveland's port and pilots landing at the airport.  

While Terminal Tower still elegantly represents Cleveland's rich industrial and architectural history, it now conveys a new image serving as a bright beacon to our shared values and collective dreams for Northeast Ohio.  Today, the tower's external lights include hundreds of LEDs that can be illuminated in various color configurations--red, white, and blue for patriotic holidays, the well-known colors of our favorite sports teams, and pink for Breast Cancer Awareness during the month of October. 

Whenever I see Terminal Tower's rainbow of colors lighting up the Cleveland skyline, I feel a sense of pride in all the great developments that are transforming our city and region.  On November 4th, I will be thrilled to see Morgan Foundation's colors wrapping the tower in bright lights of blue, purple, and red capturing the many ways we are working to build strong ecosystems across our region in support of bold entrepreneurs. What I will see that night is the power of entrepreneurship and innovation as a beacon lighting the way forward for our region.  Happy Anniversary Burton D. Morgan Foundation and thanks to all our partners for your help in celebrating a banner year!