Mary joined Burton D. Morgan Foundation as a Program Officer in 2018. Previously, Mary served as Assistant Director in the Institute for Entrepreneurship at Miami University where she led experiential programming across the startup and corporate innovation verticals. During her three years there, Mary organized annual Startup Weekends, directed a summer internship program which she expanded to the Bay Area, created and taught a new course in digital marketing and analytics, and launched a nationally-recognized venture capital investment program. Prior to this, Mary worked in San Francisco and Salt Lake City as an Analytics and Optimization Associate at Razorfish, a global digital marketing agency. Mary holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Miami University. 

What she is passionate about: physical and mental health, alternative learning, improving quality of life in the aging population, and making time for family and friends

On her bucket list: Photographing the Northern Lights in Norway (officially crossed off in March 2018!)

Favorite Quote: "Am I something? And the answer comes: already am, always was, still have to be." -Anis Mjogani