TomTod Ideas - Director of Strategic Initiatives

Focused on fund development and sustainable systems

TomTod Ideas is a youth development nonprofit that listens to, honors, and advocates for middle schoolers.  Yep. You read that right. Middle schoolers, and only middle schoolers! We create programming specifically for 10-14 year-olds because we think their perspective is valuable and necessary for the community.

Since 2012, we’ve helped thousands of middle schoolers discover and love their community while finding ways to help it thrive. Using the latest research about early adolescent development, our programming allows students to explore idea creation through a community-focused, developmentally appropriate lens. Using a variety of mentor-based, experiential learning adventures, we connect the energy, imagination, and
intuition of middle schoolers with the wisdom, resources, and experiences of adults, while equipping middle schoolers with vital skills which empower them to take action today and set them up for success tomorrow.

We are seeking a teammate with 7+ years of experience working with organizational strategy, fundraising, and partner development, who is passionate about empowering middle schoolers while shifting cultural conversations on youth ability, education, and the common good. What does that look like?
The Director of Strategic Initiatives will:
➔ establish and cultivate sustainable relationships with schools and community partners.
➔ guide initiatives for funding, grants, and relationships that invest in healthy organizational growth.
➔ partner with the TomTod Leadership Core in guiding and developing a healthy, growing team.

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