What We Fund

Entrepreneurship: Youth - Collegiate - Adult

Burton D. Morgan Foundation believes in the free enterprise system and the power of entrepreneurship to transform lives.   The Foundation champions the entrepreneurial spirit through grantmaking to organizations focused on: (1) building entrepreneurial skills and mindset in K-12 students; (2) guiding college students in gaining startup know-how through curricular and experiential opportunities; and (3) providing targeted resources to help adult entrepreneurs start and scale ventures via access to mentorship, training, and capital.  The Foundation is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in all of its grantmaking activities.  


As a reflection of the Morgan family’s dedication to their community, Burton D. Morgan Foundation provides grants to organizations that serve charitable needs in Hudson, Ohio.

Please visit the Apply webpage for eligibility requirements.


The Foundation recognizes its important role as a philanthropic leader and citizen of Northeast Ohio and as such, provides occasional support to social service and other charitable organizations in Summit County and surrounding communities that are not directly connected to our entrepreneurship mission. These grants are awarded proactively; we do not accept requests for these grants, and they are also not renewable. 

Foundation Values

Burton D. Morgan Foundation values programs that…

  • advance the principles of free enterprise
  • build the entrepreneurial mindset
  • develop entrepreneurial skills
  • collaborate with ecosystem partners
  • leverage broader community resources
  • embed mentorship and coaching
  • exhibit interdisciplinary reach
  • engage underserved populations
  • evaluate their effectiveness
  • pivot to meet changing needs
  • share lessons learned
  • demonstrate fiscal responsibility
  • bolster regional economic competitiveness

For a list of values specific to our program focuses, visit our Youth, Collegiate, and Adult entrepreneurship webpages.

Venture 2021 Strategic Framework

For additional insight into the focus of Burton D. Morgan Foundation, see the Foundation's summary of Venture 2021 Strategic Framework.

Please note:  Morgan Foundation is engaged in a stratetegic planning process during 2023 to define our priorities for 2024-2026.