Fund for Our Economic Future

Innovating Since 2004

This national model of regional philanthropic and civic collaboration comprises an alliance of funders dedicated to transformative initiatives in economic growth and equitable access to opportunity for the people of Northeast Ohio.

The Fund, established in 2004 (the Foundation was among the founding members) seeks to make Northeast Ohio a globally competitive, economically vibrant region by emphasizing innovation through high-impact collaborations and strategic marshalling of funding. It’s a transformative vehicle for collective learning and funding.

The Fund for Our Economic Future grew out of a mutual belief that for too long philanthropy had focused on addressing the symptoms of our region’s declining economy without getting at the underlying factors driving the decline.

Together, we’ve:

  • Established a deeper sense of regionalism throughout Northeast Ohio
  • Built an interconnected network of economic development organizations and initiatives
  • Increased investment in Northeast Ohio and created a respected network of civic leaders

While we take great pride in the remarkable progress our valued colleagues have made in helping ignite a regional economic transformation, much work remains. We are ever mindful that this is a long-term undertaking.

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