Discovering Fresh Approaches

Burton D. Morgan Foundation engages in projects and initiatives that are often experimental in nature and on the cutting edge of entrepreneurship education. Entrepreneurship Education Experiment (EEE) works with partners in a collaborative capacity through experimental initiatives that explore the frontiers of entrepreneurship education.  EEE seeks to develop perspectives and approaches through experimental initiatives that lead to stronger entrepreneurship education programming.

Scalerator NEO

Building a thriving regional economy means more than supporting a healthy startup ecosystem - it also requires a strong network that helps existing companies grow. That’s why we are deeply engaged in a partnership with Richard J. Fasenmyer Foundation on the implementation of Scalerator NEO.

Developed by Dan Isenberg, the founding executive director of the Babson College Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Platform, and taught in cooperation with colleagues at the Harvard and Columbia business schools, the program mixes peer-to-peer learning with classroom workshops that provide growth-oriented companies tools and strategies to quickly ignite that growth. The Scalerator curriculum was tested in Milwaukee and proven to help companies from diverse industries and sectors to grow. The first cohort of Scalerator NEO was successful and the second cohort began in April 2018.

* Note: "Scalerator" is a trademark of Dan Isenberg.


As the first Burton D. Morgan Fellow, Dr. Scott Shane conducted a series of pitch competitions (PITCH U) in 2015 at area universities as experiments to determine how to best teach entrepreneurs to pitch ideas. Dr. Shane's research addressed a number of questions, such as "What kind of training leads to a successful pitch?" and "Should training emphasize content or style?"  Dr. Shane has designed and made available pedagogical materials to help teachers and instructors prepare aspiring entrepreneurs to more successfully present their venture ideas.  He is currently working to produce several other publications and materials related to the PITCH U experiment.

Access Pitch Training Materials

National Inventors Hall of Fame Evaluation Project

Burton D. Morgan Foundation has embarked on a collaborative evaluation project with a long-time youth grantee, National Inventors Hall of Fame. This project will explore the relationship between STEM, creativity, and entrepreneurship through the lens of invention. We look forward to sharing more about this project and its results as they unfold.