Thinkfest Ideation Workshop

Early October, Virtual

Thinkfest is a lively, interactive ideation workshop designed to inspire high school students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and to recognize, develop, and pitch business ideas.

The day is steered and moderated by Dr. Jeffrey Stamp, creator of Baked! Lays Potato Chips, the Olive Garden breadstick, and many other well-known brands. Dr. Stamp is chief storyteller at Bold Thinking, LLC, where he leads a team of highly skilled thinkers in a 12,000 square foot creativity laboratory that provides ideation and concept development services to corporations and universities worldwide.

Thinkfest is open to area high schools and is targeted toward students that have not attended the event in the past. Students attend the program for one day. Thinkfest is offered on two dates and is available to 200 students each day. Students will participate in engaging activities to think about where ideas come from, develop a new product and pitch a business idea.

Thinkfest is presented in partnership by Veale Youth Entrepreneurship Forum with John Carroll University’s Entrepreneurship Minor and Muldoon Center for Entrepreneurship.

Areas of Focus:
Entrepreneurial Mindset Strategy, Design thinking, Networking, and Public Speaking

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