Power Up Social Media Experience

Presented by Ignite with Light
Assorted Dates, 6:00 -9:00 pm
The MidTown Tech Hive, 6815 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland

A Social Media Experience You Don't Want To Miss!

Power Up is a social media mixer that helps you get lost in the interaction. All too often, people get lost in their digital worlds and forget what it feels like to have a real conversation with someone. So the goal is to bring together the best of both worlds: real-life interactions and an engaging online experience.

Live video chats allow people from all over different backgrounds to come together on one screen - no matter what their interests may be! You can meet new friends or learn more about certain topics by watching others' streams while also getting insights into how they think through Q&A sessions conducted during these live events which are open-ended so feel free to Engage!

We will have featured experts, cool digital engineers, fun perks and resources.

Also, attendees can enjoy Cafe Phix!

In partnership with Midtown Tech Hive