One Crucial Thing - COVID-19 Edition

Presented by North Coast Ventures and sponsored by PNC

May 27, 2020, 5:00 pm

The Covid-19 pandemic brings unprecedented challenges for businesses of all sizes.  For startups, the speed at which they learn is a critical factor for success. Therefore, abundant access to insights, opportunities, and networks can be the key difference between a healthy startup ecosystem and one that stagnates. Within a startup community, entrepreneurs,  investors, and corporations all play important roles in the transfer of intellectual capital through constant interaction, free-flowing information, and iterative learning. That's why we've brought these three groups together for one night of shared perspectives on those crucial things that make all the difference.

2020 Speakers

  • Brad Feld - Managing Director, Foundry Group
  • Adam Bain - Former COO, Twitter
  • Mark Roberge - Former CRO, HubSpot
  • Akram Boutros - CEO, MetroHealth
  • Eddie Taylor - President, Oswald Companies
  • Jennifer Neundorfer - Managing Partner, Jane VC
  • Gil Van Bokkelen - CEO, Athersys 
  • Claire Coder - CEO, AuntFlow 
  • Mike Walker - Senior Director of Innovation, Microsoft 
  • Tony Shipley - Chairman, Angel Capital Association
  • Jim McVeigh - CEO, Cyndx
  • Ed McQuiston - COO, Hyland Software
  • Rodney Williams - CEO, Listnr
  • Ivy Zelman - CEO, Zelman & Associates
  • Charu Ramanathan - CEO, vitalxchange
  • Brad Owen - CEO, NeverBounce
  • Sue Tyler - Former CFO, Medical Mutual
  • Michal Soclof - Principal, Matrix Equities 
  • Connie Clore - CSO, Asurint
  • Aaron Grossman - CEO, TalentLaunch
  • Nick Potts - CEO, ScriptDrop
  • Kris Beck - CEO, Proformex

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