Founders Unfiltered: A Conversation with Adam Rakestraw

Sponsored by JumpStart

July 28, 2021
Noon, Virtual

Join us at noon on July 28th for the next live, lunch-hour webcast of Founders Unfiltered, a series of candid conversations with tech entrepreneurs.  We’re excited to continue with our recently revived series with Adam Rakestraw, co-founder and chairman at Ohio-based med-tech startup, MediView XR.

Since 2017, MediView has raised more than $12M in investment and has been working with GE Healthcare, Microsoft and the Cleveland Clinic to uniquely combine cutting-edge augmented reality, remote collaboration and medical imaging technologies to revolutionize the cancer care continuum.  Hear Adam’s personal story and find out how his winding career path took him all the way from corporate law to augmented reality medical technology.