Disruption: Kindling the Entrepreneurial Mindset During COVID - a USASBE Workshop

January 21, 2021
11:00 am - 1:30 pm

Northeast Ohio is a place that prides itself on its ecosystem, and particularly on supporting a multi-faceted university-based ecosystem that teems with activity in support of students, their ventures, and opportunities to build the entrepreneurial mindset. As campuses shut down and classes transitioned to online instruction, students, faculty, and staff were hastily forced to adapt to a virtual model. The region’s collegiate ecosystem addressed many pivots as the health crisis undermined in-person gatherings. While disappointment from the disruption was prevalent, innovations emerged that capitalized on the challenges wrought by the pandemic to bring fresh approaches to life. Indeed, the pandemic, while never to be viewed as a welcome intrusion, provides the proving ground for students to build their entrepreneurial muscle and mindset as they adapt and pivot in the face of adversity. This panel will highlight a sampling of these innovations, many of which will prove to be viable solutions for the future, living on beyond the era of COVID. Three examples of ecosystem connectivity and adaptability have been selected to illustrate how collegiate entrepreneurship activities have pivoted in order to keep students learning and actively engaged in developing ideas and ventures.

Virtual Tour Guide: Deb Hoover

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