2021 annual report

Dear Friends,

Our annual report this year is centered on Resume (ReZoom). We set out in January of 2021 to return to our pre-pandemic way of life only to be thrust back into long days of Zooming with colleagues and navigating virtual conference agendas, all the while longing to exchange ideas and information in person. Instead, the clever COVID-19 virus reinvented itself in the guise of the Delta and Omicron variants. Health protocols and masks continued to infringe on our daily routines, but also, coupled with vaccines, saved lives, and prevented serious illness for many.

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Imagination is the engine that powered our team to conceive new ways of approaching entrepreneurship grantmaking and ecosystem building during this last year. Burton D. Morgan Foundation and Young Entrepreneur Institute partnered to create YIPPEE, the Go-To Marketplace for all things in entrepreneurship education designed to help K-12 students build entrepreneurial skills for the real world. Through this first-of-its-kind digital marketplace, educators search for resources, receive free products, and share reviews; funders sponsor programs and resources in categories that align with their mission; and education providers offer quality products enhanced through audience feedback.

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Connection is the glue that keeps our ecosystem charging forward, renewing bonds, and regrouping energetically as circumstances shift. We often jest how Burt Morgan’s renowned career in the adhesives industry (sticky trade as he called it) influenced the Foundation’s dedication to serving as a connector and ecosystem builder. In 2021, it was critically important for the Foundation to find creative ways to connect and reconnect with our ecosystem partners following a year of pandemic disruptions.

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Over the last two years, our team recognized the need to take care of mind, body, and soul to do our best for each other, our grantees, our partners, and the ecosystem. We streamlined our processes, provided community grants to area nonprofits serving basic needs, and adapted programs and objectives to fit shifting priorities. With friends and colleagues, we practiced self care, enjoyed the outdoors, and sought balance in our work and personal lives. Our programs and activities incorporated opportunities to celebrate, reflect, and rejuvenate individually and as a group to better position ourselves and our teams for generating new ideas and navigating challenges.

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With Appreciation Deborah D. Hoover
President & CEO 2007-2022

Bidding a Fond Farewell to Deborah Hoover

One could legitimately argue that aside from our founder, Burt Morgan, no one has had a greater impact on the entrepreneurship mission of Burton D. Morgan Foundation than current President and CEO Deborah Hoover. Deb’s degrees, accomplishments, and accolades are abundant, as detailed in her bio. But the mark she is leaving on the Foundation is so much greater than the sum of her achievements.

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In order to achieve our mission of championing the entrepreneurial spirit, Burton D. Morgan Foundation draws upon the endowment resources placed under the careful stewardship of our Board of Trustees.



Brown Keith A. Brown Trustee
Finley Patrick T. Finley Trustee
Hochschwender J. Michael Hochschwender Trustee
Hoover Deborah D. Hoover Trustee Ex Officio
Peshina Jenny Peshina Trustee
Robeson Mark D. Robeson Trustee
Seaman Richard N. Seaman Trustee
Taylor Eddie Taylor, Jr. Trustee


Hoover Deborah Hoover President & CEO
Griggs Denise Griggs Vice President & CFO
Evans Angela Kwallek Evans Senior Program Officer
Bean Emily Bean Program Officer
Dotson Gina Dotson Grants & Communications Manager
Harris Darby Harris Program Assistant
Pierce Souraya PierceOffice Manager & Bookkeeper
Silcox Jeanne Silcox Executive Assistant
Broer Victoria Broer Special Initiatives Officer
Lingo Sharon Lingo Office Manager
McHenry Mary McHenry Program Officer

In recent months we said goodbye to three of our valued team members who retired from Morgan Foundation or moved on to pursue other opportunities. We express deep appreciation for their meaningful contributions to our work in 2021 and for sharing their many talents in support of our mission.