What We Fund

In keeping with our mission to champion the entrepreneurial spirit, Burton D. Morgan Foundation seeks to support programs and projects at the youth, collegiate, and adult levels that are designed to build competencies in entrepreneurship and innovation.  The Foundation supports entrepreneurship education programs and programs that directly support entrepreneurs in business planning, startup and scaleup efforts, and obtaining access to capital.  We also support initiatives aimed at rejuvenating economic competitiveness in Northeast Ohio.

Secondarily, Burton D. Morgan Foundation provides grants to organizations that serve the Hudson, Ohio community. 

The Foundation also provides occasional support to social service and other organizations in Summit County and surrounding communities that are unrelated to our entrepreneurship mission.  We do not accept requests for these grants; they are awarded on a proactive basis and are not renewable.

Foundation Values

Burton D. Morgan Foundation values programs that…

  • build the entrepreneurial mindset
  • develop entrepreneurial skills
  • collaborate with ecosystem partners
  • leverage broader community resources
  • embed mentorship and coaching
  • exhibit interdisciplinary reach
  • engage diverse populations
  • evaluate their effectiveness
  • pivot to meet changing needs
  • share lessons learned
  • demonstrate fiscal responsibility
  • bolster regional economic competitiveness

For a list of values specific to each of our program focuses, visit our Youth, Collegiate, and Adult entrepreneurship webpages.

Eligibility Requirements

Grants are made to organizations classified as public charities and tax exempt under 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code.  For-profit companies and startups are not eligible to apply for funding directly from the Foundation.  Burton D. Morgan Foundation does not make grants to individuals.  The Foundation’s primary geographic focus for mission-related grant funding is Northeast Ohio.  Projects with a national impact are occasionally considered.

How to Apply

Grant requests up to $20,000 (Changed as of September 2017)

If your request is for $20,000 or less, you may submit a Letter of Inquiry though our online eGrant system at any time (click on link below).  However, effective January 2018, Letters of Inquiry are subject to deadlines and funding awards will be decided three times per year, at each of the scheduled Board of Trustee meetings.  Please make note of the Foundation’s Letter of Inquiry deadlines.  When a deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, the Letter of Inquiry is due by 5:00 pm on the following business day. Note:  Do not submit an Application; these are only utilized for grant requests over $20,000. 

Grant requests over $20,000

Before submitting an Application, you should first contact Grants Manager, Gina Dotson, by phone (330-655-1369) or email (gdotson@bdmorganfdn.org) if you have not received funding from Burton D. Morgan Foundation in the past three years or if you are applying for a different project.  You may then be routed to a program officer for additional discussion about the project, if necessary.

If you have received grant funding from Burton D. Morgan Foundation in the past three years for the same purpose, or if you have been encouraged to apply after contacting the Foundation, you may submit an Application though the online eGrant system (click on link below).  Note:   Do not submit a Letter of Inquiry; these are only utilized for grant requests under $20,000.

Please be aware of the Foundation’s application deadlines.  When a deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, the Application is due by 5:00 pm on the following business day.

As part of the application process, you must also complete a Grant Objectives Chart, which can be downloaded using the button below, and saved to your computer.  On the final page of the online Application, you will be given instructions on how to retrieve and upload your saved Grant Objectives Chart.  A Grant Objectives Chart with examples is also provided to assist with the proper completion of your chart.  

Grant Review

Letters of Inquiry and Applications will be reviewed by a program officer.  At his or her discretion, the program officer may schedule an interview, site visit, or both, with the grant seeker.


If you have any questions about the grant application process or eGrant, please contact Gina Dotson, Grants Manager, at 330-655-1369 or gdotson@bdmorganfdn.org.

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